Sci-fi Shows That Have Flown Under The Radar You Should Watch

In every genre there are shows that, despite having a more than decent followership, have not attained the level of success that cause them to be accepted by the larger mainstream audience. You may have heard good things about them from friends but haven’t gotten around to seeing them, because they’re not quite as popular as the most illustrious titles. It happens to the best of us.


On that note, here are 3 excellent sci-fi shows you may have missed but should really watch.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy (BBC, 1981)


One of the most popular shows by name, hardly by its actual content, even though it’s been presented in several formats. It’s been a stage play, a comic book, a radio program (its original version) and a series of novels.


It follows the journey of a nondescript Brit across the universe after Earth’s destruction. Douglas Adams, the show’s creator explained that the inspiration for the show came to him while he was lying drunk in a field in Innsbruck.

V (NBC/ABC, 1983)

V is a successful mini-series that aired in the 1980s. Its success encouraged a second miniseries and soon became a regular television show.


This action-horror show portrays an alien invasion of Earth. These aliens are completely human in appearance and claim that they have good intentions. They gain the trust of several humans, but several others are not so easily seduced. Their fears are justified when the visitors are revealed to human-eating and reptilian in actuality.

The Prisoner (ITV, 1967) Human

The Prisoner tells about a retired secret agent for British Intelligence who subsequently gets drugged and kidnapped. He’s taken to an island-bound community known as The Village and said that from then on, he’ll be known as No. 6.


He rebels and faces an endless series of soul-draining persecutions that eventually drove him crazy.