What you should know about web hosts

Today, any company wishing to make itself known must necessarily have a website. However, in order to create its website, it must first and foremost request the services of a web host. You know little about the concept of web hosting and you want to learn more? What do you need to know about it?

What is a web host?

A web host is a service provider that provides internet servers and destination for website owners or editors. A server is a storage space composed of hard disk, operating system and memory. A web host is a provider who sells you a space on which your website files will be stored. Among the most famous web hosting companies is Koddos. You want to stay informed about Koddos actuality? Go to the official website of the host.

What is the role of a web host?

A web host plays several roles. Indeed, its function is not limited to providing a web site server. The web host must also ensure the security of all the files that are stored on his server. He takes care of updating and maintaining the server. Web hosters can also take care of IT support and server management. Some hosting providers offer security solutions such as anti-hacking, anti-virus and website backup. It is important to note that many people confuse the web developer with the web host. The developer mainly takes care of the design of the website while the web host takes care of the server.

Is web hosting essential?

Web hosting is an indispensable service if you want to create a website. It is indeed thanks to hosting that you can get a new domain.  Hosting also allows you to have a storage server, which is essential for any website.

What are the different types of hosting offered by web hosting companies?

Web hosting companies offer different types of hosting.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is a type of hosting where several sites share the same server.

VPS hosting

Virtual Prívate Server hosting consists of about twenty sites sharing the same server. In this case, each site has the same amount of space.

Dedicated hosting

With this type of hosting, each site has its own server. This solution is especially suitable for websites that need a high-performance privacy system.

Cloud hosting

It allows to use the resources of several servers on the same network. The security with this type of hosting is very high.

The web host is therefore a key player in the creation and management of websites.